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Lifetime service guarantee

Once you buy XOTICPC your a member of our family for life. Deep in the roots of all XOTIC PC staff is hardworking midwest values. In our core we unwaveringly believe hard work and perseverance will pay off in the long run. We are relentless to achieve customer satisfaction.

Need support? It is as easy as coming into our Live Chat, Emailing us or giving us a call. We use a ticketing system for all emailed support requests that will acknowledge receipt of email within seconds of receipt.
Want to speak to a Live Support Hero? Please call us or come into Chat. We have a dedicated support team to be there for any request.

Telephone: 1-877-289-9684 or 402-466-2090
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Lifetime labor for all your needs

Here at XOTIC PC we have one of the most comprehensive warranty policies in the industry. Want to upgrade your system? XOTIC PC provides lifetime free labor for the life of your PC. Technology changes every day and we are your resource to help give you a upgrade path to get the most of your PC. Even when your parts warranty expires, we are happy to continue to answer your questions and even fix your computer with no labor costs. 

Dedicated support teams

The XOTIC PC Team is here because of you and are here to serve you. When you contact XOTIC PC your calling our Midwest Support Team located in Lincoln Nebraska, not some other country.

Our Support Hero's work in the same factory as all systems are built in. In the event your having a issue with your system, they can easily go into the factory and see exactly what your looking at to resolve the issue. Big box integrators don't have the ability to provide this level of personalized support. Your not just a partner, your family. No matter what the challenge is we are here for you.     

Knowledgeable and resourceful support staff

Our commitment is easy. We deliver cutting edge technology with rock solid stability and support. All systems are hand built to order and supported by true enthusiasts.

When you spend hard earned money on a new PC, you have high expectations, and we understand that. Some point, you'll have a question about your new computer. It is our commitment to be ready to give you the help you need. When we sell a computer system, we stand behind it.

Remote access support 

With selling electronic parts for over 20 years now, there will always be some form of problem or incompatibility that will arise. There is no hiding behind that. Dealing with numerous hardware components and software applications needing to communicate and get along together we understand the in's and outs of the hardware and software being used.

What is different with our approach is we understand that we need to limit down time. We have relationships set up with all of our partners to ensure quick repair turnaround. Additionally our Support Hero's use a full array of tools to assist you, including remote access to your system. Our support team is here for you and available in several channels - Email, Phone, SMS & Live Chat.

Replacement shipping & FREE Returns

Over the years manufacturers have done extremely well and built parts that are consistent and fail less then they ever have. Although we rigorously test every component for rock solid stability, sometimes electronic parts fail. If they do shipment of replacement parts or shipping back to the lab for hands on troubleshooting are available. If in the event something fails within the first 30 Days, XOTIC PC picks up all expenses to repair or replace your PC.
All items are eligible for XOTIC PC Free Returns. Our self-service return takes 3 easy steps.View more information on FREE Returns



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