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Shipped faster than expected. It will play 99% of games out today at maximum settings. very fast very happy

Kick Ass Computer

This thing rocks.

Great service

So this is my first time ordering a custom gaming anything. It was quite simple and straight forward. After placing the order I did have a question prior to it shipping and using the online chat feature my question was answered very promptly. When I received it, it was packaged very securely. I paid for the rush build and got my laptop in 1 week. Thank you and I look forward to using your services again.

SAGER NP8855D (CLEVO PD50SND-G) Gaming Laptop
Barbara Carroll (Tucson, US)
Amazing Laptop

I now have a computer that thinks faster than I do!!

ASUS ROG Strix SCAR 16 G634JY-XS97 Gaming Laptop
Ron Young (Salt Lake City, US)
Great laptop

Great laptop. Very fast. Upgraded the M2 drives to 2x 2 TB Samsung 990 Pros

2 Year Premium Support (Parts and Labor) + Life Time XOTIC PC Epic Support

MSI Katana 15 B12VGK-082US Gaming Laptop
richard amnott (North Fort Myers, US)
Nice Laptop

This is a nice little Laptop runs every game i have tried at full graphics and above 60 fps. The only disappointment was that I thought when I ordered it i had added 32gb of ram rather that selecting to have 32 total, but that is likely my misunderstanding the web page.

Dual Ring RGB - Up to 11 FANS
Philip Rosen (Eagle Mountain, US)
The fans are great

The fans are great and colorfully, but the documentation provided is pretty weak. A YouTube tutorial would be an excellent upgrade

Dan Lusk (Watertown, US)
Power and elegance in a box

This PC has reach and exceeded my expectations. Well assembled. Organized and powerful. Xoxox has some of the best customer service and pricing around. It’s why this is my second build with them.

XOTIC PC G3 Meshify Ultimate Ready to Ship Gaming Desktop w/ INTEL Z790 & DDR4

Dual Ring RGB - Up to 7 FANS

ASUS ROG Strix SCAR 16 G634JZ-XS96 Gaming Laptop
Patrick Witte (Green Cove Springs, US)
Comes Setup Perfectly

Not only is the PC functioning extremely well, but they cut down on the BS you normally have to deal with when getting a windows PC. The add on cooling system has worked out really well too. If you spend all this money for a nice rig, then you may as well spend more to keep it cool and silent!


Everything I ever dreamed of in a pc

ASUS ROG Strix SCAR 17 G733PY-XS96 Gaming Laptop
Moath Hamed (Philadelphia, US)

Blazing fast and up to desired specs. XOTIC PC, you guys rock!

Works well so far

Good Laptop

This is my 3rd Sager Laptop. They have all been good.

XOTIC PC GX15 Helios Gaming Desktop w/ INTEL Z690/Z790 & DDR4

XOTIC PC G70SND-G (PD70SND-G) Gaming Laptop
Tim Foster (Moorestown, US)
Disappointed the speakers were not working

I'm not sure what kind of quality control occurs before they send out a laptop but I purchased a fairly expensive one and within the first 5 minutes of using it realized their was a speaker issue. Support was easy to reach but unfortunately could not resolve the issue which resulted in me needing to send the entire laptop back for repair which was estimated to take 2-3 weeks. They do make it fairly easy using UPS. Just sent it off so we'll see what happens. Kind of disappointed to have to wait longer given I'm working on a laptop that has a battery/charging issue.

Love it

It is loud when cooling but I expected that with it being an air cooled 4080 laptop

XOTIC PC GS2 TOMAHAWK Gaming Desktop w/ INTEL Z790 & DDR5

ASUS ROG Strix G17 G713PV-DS94 Gaming Laptop
Franklin D'Souza (Halifax, CA)
This is a beautiful laptop

This is a beautiful and a very responsive laptop. I have just upgraded the laptop to 64GB and have added another 2TB of Storage. Just what I needed. Thanks

SAGER NP8875E-S (CLEVO PD70SNE-G) Gaming Laptop
Terry Farrington (Sacramento, US)

Thes very best laptop I have ever purchased. The specs are top notch it has a i9 13900hx processor with a Nvidia RTX4070. It's very fast and reliable. I would definitely recommend going to xotic pc in the future.

SAGER NP7861E (CLEVO NP50SNE) Gaming Laptop
Lucas Moody (Russellville, US)
Beast of a System for a Reasonable Price

The system is great, the price is excellent, and the performance is top-tier for a laptop platform. I gave -1 star because the fans get really, really loud if you don't work with the optimization software to define a curve. I don't care so much myself, but anyone in the area without headphones will definitely let you know that it's loud. Performance with some limitations on the voltage and fans is not quite as great as the ungoverned performance, but still more than adequate for AAA gaming support.

The graphics are pretty, when it works

It arrived with thermal paste smeared on the lid. The light-up ROG logo on the lid is obnoxious and I can't find controls for it. If you don't want to download ASUS'S obnoxious software (or pay extra to get it without it, like I did) then you won't be able to control the other RGB lights. The F1-F12 buttons only light up with ASUS'S special function icons, not the actual numbers. Output Mute is Fn+F1, but VolUp, VolDown, and MicMute are special keys (M1-M3) the font used on the keys sucks but it's better than MSI's current offering. The machine is, frankly, ugly as fuck, which eh- I didn't buy it for looks. I bought it because MSI has a big problem with build quality on its hinges and because I loved my old ASUS. And I bought it to run new video games. Which it only does semi-competently. The graphics look awesome and everything I've tried ran totally lag free. But a machine that can't be trusted to stay running can be trusted for anything.

The first day I had it, the computer crashed with a garbled illegible bluescreen. The screen, onboard RGB lights, and plugged in peripherals sometimes flicker under normal use, and I've had the fucker spontaneously reboot about 6 times. No warning, no crash screen, just hours of work gone and no way to diagnose the issue.

Windows 11 is absolute garbage.

My next step is seeing if Windows 10 works better (parts of the computer already thought it was supposed to be running Windows 10 anyway) since 11 has nothing I want and everything I don't.

Son loves new Pc

My boy needed a fast gaming pc and ordered to his wants! Updated weekly and is very happy with it!