Starting at: $969
The Define Pro is the perfect first step to your dream build. Underneath this sleek, classic design is an extremely powerful machine not to be underestimated.
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600 PRO
Starting at: $889
Don't be fooled by 600 PRO's geometric, simplistic look. Underneath its shiny exterior is a custom built extremely powerful PC waiting to be unleashed.
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678C PRO
Starting at: $1039
The 678C Pro is a mid-tower ATX case optimized for quiet operation, blending sophisticated style and a plethora of versatile cooling and storage options.
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900 PRO
Starting at: $1099
The 900 Pro is simple and has plenty of space to fit any PC parts you want. The simple and clean design of the 900 Pro offers plenty of space for parts and airflow to keep those parts cool. The 900 pro is the perfect first step to your dream build.
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Starting at: $2529
GX77 Savage elevates itself above all other desktops as the dominant king of the hill. Its elegant design isn’t only about looks but about functionality. Its large tempered glass panel displays your components for not only one but possible two systems within its frame. Its RGB lit exterior and roomy interior capable of housing as many drive or radiators as you need for cooling, GX77 Savage can take on any challenge.
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Starting at: $899
The QBX PRO is a unique geometric chassis, with sharp corners and a smaller stature. This "simple" looking PC has all the power you need to dominate the competition.
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These high end gaming desktops aren't for the faint of heart. Bringing the most power, upgrade options, and elegant designs gives you the ability to work and play from the same device. Our Professional Series gaming PC's look good and work hard. With our selection starting at less than $1000, you are sure to build the right desktop for your needs. Whether you are looking for a sleek design like the Define Pro, or something with a little more flare like the GX77 Savage, we have the options to make both machines run like a dream.  Knock out your work with a breeze and jump right into your favorite online game with ease. The power that comes with each professional gaming PC is unmatched. Our high end gaming desktops allow you to add the features you need and want. Get the power, processor, graphics, and chassis design you have always hoped for. All of our devices come with support and the option to add one of a kind custumization to the inside and outside of your Pro Series desktop. Custom etching and paint available to match the rest of your setup, and upgrade options to take down the competition.