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XOTIC PC North Pro Gaming Desktop

XOTIC PC North Pro Gaming Desktop

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XOTIC PC North Pro Gaming Desktop Overview

  • Built To Order
  • AM4
  • Ryzen™ 5000 Series
  • DDR4 Memory
  • Up to 16 Cores
  • Up to 32 Threads


The North Forest gives the gaming computer a makeover, using eco-friendly materials and custom touches to elevate the genre to the level of a design-worthy household accessory. Open at the front, the casing is crafted from solid walnut or wood and incorporates finely patterned mesh ventilation for optimal circulation. Elegant brass or steel accents and a built-in tab make it simple to open the lid. North has a well-designed, user-friendly interior and a wide range of compatible accessories.


The possibilities are expansive with the North Forest. Whether you’re looking for cutting-edge performance with Intel or spec’ing out with the latest GPUs you’ll have access to an immense number of parts and products. Configure multiple hard drives in RAID or get the most from your RAM with a variety of sizes and speeds, all tested and perfected by our in-house support team.

Graphics Cards

With GPU offerings from NVIDIA® and AMD® available, you can take your gaming to new levels as North Forest pushes you into 4K, VR, and beyond. Incredible graphics and framerates are here for your enjoyment as North Forest crushes even the most demanding titles available with ease.

Customization Options

Take things a step further and make your own with custom options that only we offer. Custom paint your chassis your favorite color or vinyl wrap it with your favorite characters, both protecting it and making it your own. We also offer cutting-edge Laser Etching that will make your machine stand out from the crowd. Or go all the way with Hydro Graphics to create a true masterpiece that sets your PC above the rest.


Every XOTIC PC desktop includes several items to enhance your new computer. Some companies upcharge for braided cables or include a kit that is pre-purchased from another company. Not XOTIC PC! Each cable is sleeved one at a time and hand-assembled into each connector for every build. By doing this it allows us to offer customers their own color scheme of cables to fit the theme of their build. Whether it is 3 colors or 6 colors in your cables we can do any color combination you want. We want your new computer to have the best thermal performance so we include IC Diamond ® Thermal Compound for your CPU. IC Diamond Thermal Compound maximizes thermal heat transfer between the CPU core and heat sink by taking advantage of the diamond’s superior thermal conductivity. Diamond’s five times better thermal conductivity compared to silver makes it a superior heat transfer material for cooling high-performance CPUs and is electrically non-conductive and non-capacitive.

Additionally, XOTIC PC included the best Anti Virus/Malware protection for your new desktop computer. We believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice performance for protection, so we hand-selected the test and lightest impact program. Finally, we provide some XOTIC PC merch as a Thank-you for being an XOTIC PC customer.

XOTIC PC wants to keep you on the cutting edge of new technology and help with only charging you an upgrade fee from the old component to a new component. When you buy a desktop computer from XOTIC PC you have the opportunity to upgrade your computer within the 1st year of the warranty period. We do this by taking a trade-in of your XOTIC PC components and you only pay the difference between the old and new components. XOTIC PC will cover all labor and testing free of charge for being an XOTIC PC customer. Any XOTIC PC computer is easy to upgrade, which allows you to gradually upgrade components to increase its performance over the time you own it. More info here (Link to upgrade policy that I want to supply you for desktops)

On all NEW desktop computers purchased from XOTIC PC, (collectively "XOTIC PC") provide a unique Limited Lifetime Service Policy (the "Lifetime Service Policy"). Included in the warranty is remote assistance where we can log into your system and help resolve any issues the customer is experiencing remotely. This Lifetime Service Policy guarantees that an XOTIC PC client who buys a NEW computer system will not have to pay for labor or service costs on that computer system for the rest of its life. Only the original purchaser, original equipment, or future upgrades purchased from and installed by XOTIC PC, and labor/service performed by XOTIC PC are covered by this Lifetime Service Policy. XOTIC PC manufactures computers and installs all software, so we know your system inside and out. If you need help or you just want to learn how to use your XOTIC PC to the maximum, we are always at your service. Before shipping a computer it undergoes a comprehensive check on each component's performance and cooperation with other components in the system. These complicated tests ensure that all components in your new system work to manufacturer specifications without errors. After completion of all tests our burn-in test records scores that we include in a special XOTIC PC binder along with an XOTIC PC Certificate of Approval from our Quality Assurance Team. In addition, all external ports and buttons are checked for proper operation to avoid any errors or shortcomings prior to shipment to the new owner. For testing, we use several intensive programs that push each component to its limit to gauge the performance of the system and ensure it can handle the most rigorous use. During this testing stage, if any of the parts are going to fail, it will fail as we push its system to its limits to ensure rock-solid stability.

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XOTIC PC North Pro Gaming Desktop Detailed Spec Sheet

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  • Trade-In Program

    Our real-time offer will arrive within minutes after you share a few details and it is reviewed by our team. We provide you with a prepaid shipping label making this process easy and hassle-free.

  • Hassle-Free Returns & Exchanges

    All items have a 30 Day Hassle Free Return Policy. Use our fully automated system to set up your return and print return labels right from our automated system.

  • Lifetime Upgrade Policy

    At any time after your purchase, you wish to upgrade to more current or greater performing internal and external components, XOTIC PC will upgrade those parts for you at the lowest cost possible, while taking in your existing hardware towards it.

  • Warranty

    Here at XOTIC PC we have one of the most comprehensive warranty policies in the industry. Choose from several warranty upgrades including accidental protection. Ultimate products deserve ultimate protection.

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