XOTIC PC offers more customization options and services than any other computer company on the market.    All are available on desktop or laptop pcs.

Luminous Paint Finishes

The most advanced PCs are complimented by high-end luxury paint finishes.  XOTIC PC's paint finish gives your new system a jaw dropping, exclusive showpiece attraction.

Methodical Laser Etching

You can have your personal message, design or asset tag engraved right onto your machine.  Laser etching is permanent and can't be removed.   

HD UV Printing

UV printing is a form of digital printing that uses ultra-violet lights to dry or cure ink as it is printed.  Textured patterns can be added to your PC for a customized option you not only see but can touch.

Custom Wraps

Just like wraps placed on automobiles, we have several solid colors in matte or gloss, textures like carbon fiber, color shifts or you can also submit your own design.   When applying a custom wrap we strip the system down to ensure the wrap goes around the edges and limit seams.

One of One Modifications

Looking for the ultimate system to stand out from the rest?   XOTIC PC offers 1 of 1 modifications to provide a truly unique system like no other.    Custom CNC, Water Jet are just some of the options available.   Contact us for more information.

Some of our Creations

Color / Design Galleries

Wrap Gallery

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Paint Gallery

Standard Colors 

Etch Gallery

Stock Images


Can I submit my own design for any of your customizations?

Absolutely! Images submitted must be 600DPI in “.jpeg” or “.psd” (Photoshop) formats. Submit your custom design to: artwork@xoticpc.com. Please note that custom designs will need to be approved. Due to the varying nature of laptop and desktop surfaces, dimensions and sizes; images may be rejected or need to be altered. If you would like our design department to alter your image; a rate of $60/hour will apply to all images that need to be altered. You will be notified of this change request before any charges will be applied.

Should you need any help or if you're uncertain about the perfect size for your machine, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help and ensure you get the best fit!

Can I provide you a color code to match?

Yes you can.   Contact our Customer Service Team and they can assist you with this request.

Does it cost more for using my artwork or custom designs?

No it does not.