Lifetime Platinum Upgrade Policy

Lifetime Platinum Upgrade Policy

Our mission at Xotic PC is not only to ensure top quality assembly and products in any laptop system, but longevity of that system. We want you to have the satisfaction of knowing that you will get many years out of your new computer purchase. The XOTIC PC Lifetime Platinum Upgrade Policy guarantees that you get the latest and greatest parts even after your purchase with up to date, current and future technology from the industry's top manufacturers and producers.

At any time after your laptop purchase, you wish to upgrade to more current or greater performing internal and external components, XOTIC PC will upgrade those parts for you at the lowest cost possible.

You, as the customer, are responsible for shipping your laptop to and from XOTIC PC facilities for such upgrades, plus the cost of the component upgrade you wish at our component cost, with an additional low 5%. All labor and testing costs are on us. In addition to the upgrades you wish, free of charge services are added including assembly, component and/or product testing, configuring, and benchmarking. As well as, chassis cleaning, software, firmware and driver updates, fan cleaning, and if you wish; fresh operating system installation and new recovery disks.

New computers can be expensive, and if all you want is the newest, latest and greatest component, then our new Platinum Upgrade Policy is perfect for giving you the savings you deserve.

We consider you a customer for life, and your utmost satisfaction is our top priority. Our Lifetime Platinum Upgrade Policy comes standard on every computer we sell, that's why we make your satisfaction, our policy.

If you have any questions regarding XOTIC PC's Lifetime Platinum Upgrade Policy, feel free to contact us.