Gaming laptops are very complex pieces of technology. Many PC gaming enthusiasts prefer laptops if they tend to play from anywhere. Every notebook contains a series of components that need to run smoothly so the computer can too. Consequently, it is important to clean and maintain your laptop, so you can enjoy endless hours of gameplay. With over 20 years of experience building and supplying high-end gaming technology, XOTIC PC is an excellent resource to help you learn how to keep a gaming laptop healthy. In this guide, we provide tips to help you prolong the life of your laptop.

  • Monitor the system: Laptops come fully equipped with unnecessary startup programs and other utilities we don’t really use. All that extra baggage can really put a dent in PC performance. Configure these programs to run only when needed and close any background apps. Remember to keep drivers and Windows updated. Monitor the CPU, especially in the event of overclocking, to ensure that it doesn’t reach dangerous temperatures.
  • Keep the laptop cool: Heat is a natural consequence of electricity, and computers require a lot of electricity to operate properly. The amount of electricity your laptop uses depends on the task being performed. Overclocking can generate excessive heat because you are operating the CPU at higher clock speeds than the manufacturers intended. Gameplay, streaming, and sharing can also put a strain on your laptop’s CPU. It’s important to keep the laptop properly ventilated and play games in air-conditioned spaces so the device doesn’t overheat. Place the laptop on a flat, solid surface, so the fan intake grilles aren’t obstructed. Invest in a laptop cooler or cooling pad.
  • Run diagnostic scans: Gaming laptops are susceptible to infections such as adware, malware, and other viruses that can take up some of your usable memory or even cripple your operating system. Take all the necessary measures to keep your system safe by finding those viruses and removing them immediately. There are a wide variety of antivirus software programs and anti-malware applications to choose from.
  • Shut off when not in use: One of the biggest mistakes a gamer can make is leaving a laptop on when not in use. All devices need downtime. After an intense day or night of gaming, power down the laptop to save on power. You can also adjust the power settings to set sleep times and better maintain the battery.
  • Perform routine cleanups: You can salvage some performance by cleaning up your laptop every once in a while. Delete any temporary files, browser cookies, the recycle bin and anything else that’s contributing to clutter. You should also keep your notebook free from dust. Utilize canned air every three to six months to prevent dust buildup from impacting your PC components.

With these general maintenance tips in mind, you can keep your gaming laptop healthy and powerful. You might also upgrade your components on occasion, so you can maintain a higher level of performance without needing to shell out on an entirely new system.