Starting at: $819

Born to Push the Limits. G7 Lancool features a mesh front panel and mesh bottom left shroud panel, honeycomb vent design, and built-in RGB fans, ensuring bountiful airflow delivered to your high-performance components while adorning the system with an RGB touch.


Starting at: $1069

The G9 Wraith’s chassis conforms to the components in your computer to not only show them off but to allow maximum airflow for increased performance. Capable of 3-way placement, the Wraith can stand vertically and horizontally or even be wall mounted.

G10 4000D

Starting at: $819

With enhanced ventilation, the G10 4000D provides outstanding system airflow in a stylish package. Building your dream PC has never been easier when you start here.



Starting at: $779

The G3 Avenger will be the centerpiece of any room with its gorgeous tempered glass window. The front of the case also draws the eye in as its angular design is like nothing else on the market. These Desktops are prebuilt, meaning they are out of our hands and into yours much faster. Allowing you to get the gear you need fast, and get in the game!  

G5 Pop Air

Starting at: $789

With their brand-new Pop collection of cases, The G5 Pop Air successfully combines style and utility without sacrificing flexibility or aesthetics. The whole series has a strong base and outstanding build quality, allowing all users a lot of flexibility and space.

G6 H510

Starting at: $799

The G6 H510’s modern design breaks away from tradition to streamline the look of both the exterior and interior. A built-in PSU shroud maintains a clean appearance with function for ideal cable management and provides an elegant location for mounting two Solid State Drives.



Starting at: $899

The GX11 DYNAMIC is a combination of modern design and art. Through years of researching, collecting feedback, and redesigning; We have successfully crafted the best edition of the dual chamber chassis. Experience the full view seamless front and side tempered glasses like a showroom.


Starting at: $929

The GX12 Tomahawk is for those who constantly seek to push the power of their PC, this mid-tower ATX gaming case with built-in cable management offers ample room for expandability to open up a whole host of performance options.


Starting at: $989

Take your rig to the next level with the GX13. The GX13’s 5mm thick tempered glass panel presents a polished look while displaying a phenomenal view of your carefully chosen components. The unrivaled cooling potential paired with its glossy glass finish, truly make the GX13 a one-of-a-kind build. 


Starting at: $1119

GX15 Helios is a premium mid-tower gaming case with three tempered-glass panels, a refined aluminum frame, and integrated front-panel RGB lighting. Built-in cable management, including a multifunction cover with GPU braces, keeps the interior sharp and tidy.


Starting at: $949

Go bold with the GX17 EVOLVE X’s geometric design. With its unique side openable door and tempered glass panel, you'll be able to see your fully customizable setup crystal clear. 


Starting at: $959

The GX18 Torrent comes with a brand-new component layout and two custom-made Dynamic PWM / Prisma RGB fans to enhance cooling potential right out of the box. With or without a bespoke water loop, the Torrent is ideal for anyone serious about high-end cooling.



Starting at: $1399

The GX71 Cosmos is a sleek futuristic designed chassis. The smooth metal curves and RGB accent perfectly contrast the dark tinted glass. Your custom XOTIC PC becomes the ominous glow powering this sleek PC from outer space.


Starting at: $1349

The GX72 CONQUER breaks away from traditional case designs with unique metal framing, sub-chassis and integrated ARGB lighting system. Your bold modding concepts are achievable with creation of unlimited. A modder’s dream come true

GX75 1000D

Starting at: $1649

The GX75 1000D is a fully RGB controlled behemoth and can tackle any challenge and look great doing it. With its openable side door allowing for easy access to its components, you'll be able to showcase this beauty to all.


Starting at: $949

Introducing the most powerful desktop available, the GX77 Savage. Capable of housing multiple systems comfortably within its ultra-high-end steel body. Aluminum panels and tempered glass sides not only look great but function at the highest level. GX77 Savage holds nothing back as it crushes the competition.  


110Q PRO

Starting at: $819

With four high-density sound dampening panels to decrease noise, the 110Q's simple appearance ensures that your system will fit in practically any space.

600 PRO

Starting at: $819

Don't be fooled by 600 PRO's geometric, simplistic look. Underneath its shiny exterior is a custom built extremely powerful PC waiting to be unleashed.


Starting at: $949

The Define 7 Pro is the latest pinnacle of the renowned Define series, setting a new standard for what you should expect from a mid-tower case when it comes to modularity, flexibility and ease of use.

Pop Silent Pro

Starting at: $819

Experience a fusion of style and function with Pop Series. Pop Silent offers a clean appearance and sound-dampening functionality, while providing the space and flexibility of its generous format for mixed use, productivity, and lighter gaming.

RM42-502 Rack Pro

Starting at: $1129

The RM42-502 Rack Pro is perfect for maximizing space as it can be positioned either vertically or horizontally and is intended for use with high-end residential or commercial systems.



Starting at: $979

The GS1 SHIFT XT is a truly unique small form-factor chassis that extends to tailor the cooling performance to your need. Even in its ultra-compact mode there is no compromise on performance with support for powerful hardware such as 324mm long triple-slot GPUs and 72mm tall CPU air coolers.


Starting at: $1059

The GS2 TOMAHAWK is built for minimalist and streamlined setups, this mini-ITX gaming case with built-in cable management makes no compromise on performance—supporting full-size graphics cards and liquid cooling.



Whether you want to upgrade to the latest 30 series graphics cards, an ultra-fast Intel 12 series, or an AMD Ryzen 5000 series high-performance processor, XOTIC PC can help you turn your vision into a reality. We specialize in custom-built gaming PCs and some of the most highly regarded desktop gaming computers in the industry, and our partnerships encompass all the top computer component and software companies in the world. With the ability to provide non-proprietary systems that utilize cutting-edge technologies, we can meticulously build a state-of-the-art system in your next desktop gaming computer that will exceed all your expectations. Start designing your own custom-built gaming computer by exploring our selection today to find the PC of your dreams. Not only do we offer one of the largest desktop gaming computer selections in the industry, but our passion for quality components is what sets our products apart.

Pick your ideal form factor platform to get the perfect balance between performance and usability. The G1 Fury stands out with its open-air chassis and multiple display options. We installed top-mounted fans to keep air steadily flowing from the back and front intakes so your components stay cool. The G4 Triton model combines anodized aluminum with dual-tempered glass side panels for convenient access.

Custom-Built Gaming PC

Short on space? Our carefully configured G5 Shadow may be the perfect solution because it can be installed both vertically and horizontally to meet your needs. Style and functionality are at the forefront of every custom-built gaming PC we build. The G6 Viper, G7 Avenger, and G8 Raptor systems are each unique in design, build, and unparalleled flexibility. Show off your components with the versatile G9 Wraith or the GX11 Widow. Looking for beauty without all the bulk of a full tower form factor? Look no further than our G34 Phantom. Both the Z270 and X299 models include an independent 451W power supply, liquid cooled processors, full-sized graphics cards, and so much more. All our desktop gaming computers are eligible for customization, so you can personalize your PC with paint, wrapping, or laser-etching. We stand behind the quality in all the desktop gaming computers we design and customize. If you are unsatisfied with your product for any reason whatsoever, we accept desktop computer returns within 30 days of the shipping date for a full refund. We only charge a 20% restocking fee for computers with laser-etch, paint, or wrap customizations, because a custom-built gaming PC may require exterior surface replacements. We also offer quick and easy financing options. Eligibility may be subject to credit check and approval, but processing won’t affect your credit score. Remember to register your account to enjoy a faster checkout experience, save multiple shipping addresses, and track orders with ease. If you have any questions about our warranty information, please contact a member of our customer service team for further assistance building your custom all-in-one gaming PC.