Similar to televisions, computers undergo tremendous aesthetic and systematic change as the years go by. One of the latest innovations to sweep the industry is 4K resolution, which promises improved visual quality and will likely set the new standard in image resolution size. With an approximate pixel count of 3,840 x 2,160, 4K is twice that of the traditional HD dimensions of “1080p,” or 1,920 x 1,080. Although the latest 4K monitors are available everywhere, consumers are wary of jumping on the bandwagon too soon. Don’t compromise in terms of visual display, especially if you work in graphic design or software engineering. XOTIC PC dives headfirst into the benefits of owning a 4K monitor so that customers like you can make the best decision with a better understanding of what to expect.

4K Visual Standard

4K images are effectually twice as sharp as 1080p images, resulting in more detail for high-graphic, high-power applications and games. 4K display allows you to enjoy the benefits of multiple monitors. Most models require only one power connector and data port, but you can also save on installation time and space due to ergonomic design. Most video games aren’t yet optimized for 4K display, but you’ll soon have a vast selection to choose from. Until then, there’s a good chance you might favor lower-resolution gaming with a higher frames-per-second.

4K Application Standard

Certain applications can make good use of 4K resolution. Using Microsoft Excel in 4K, for example, allows you to access all the data you need on a single widescreen monitor. When working with Adobe Photoshop, you can edit higher resolution images in fuller detail. Adoption rates are rising and 4K is the future. There’s no better way to safeguard your investment than by buying with the future in mind.

4K Display for Businesses

The modern workforce spends much of the day in front of computer screens. It’s no surprise that businesses of all kinds are investing in 4K monitors for their employees. With high-definition technology, your business can increase efficiency and reduce overhead by eliminating multiple monitors. Employees are free to complete projects faster with a single monitor and higher resolution. With 4K resolution, graphic designers can cut down on zooming and software engineers can spend less time swinging between screens during coding sessions.

Reaping the Benefits of a 4K Monitor

Enjoying the benefits of a 4K monitor isn’t as simple as buying one and installing it. You will also need a relatively high-end graphics processing unit. To get the most out of your new 4K monitor, you will want graphics and video games designed for display in 4K detail. Your computer must also support 4K resolution. If you own an older computer, you may want to consider investing in a 4K USB docking station or adapter kit. Before rushing off to buy, remember to double check refresh rates to avoid jumps and jitters in the long run. If you have any questions about this article or need help finding a 4K monitor, please contact one of our representatives today for further assistance.