The most advanced heavy-duty gaming computers for performance enthusiasts. The ultimate performance PC's with incredible upgradeability!
Starting at: $1899
The GX71 Cosmos is a sleek futuristic designed chassis. The smooth metal curves and RGB accent perfectly contrast the dark tinted glass. Your custom XOTIC PC becomes the ominous glow powering this sleek PC from outer space.
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Starting at: $1699
The GX73 Crystal is a classically designed Chassis. With tempered-glass side and front panels, this chassis is a great way to show off your custom watercooling and RGB lighting.
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Starting at: $1599
Go bold with the GX74 EVOLVE X’s geometric design. With its unique side openable door and tempered glass panel, you'll be able to see your fully customizable setup crystal clear.
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GX75 1000D
Starting at: $1979
Introducing the GX75 1000D. This fully RGB controlled behemoth can tackle any challenge and look great doing it. With its openable side door allowing for easy access to its components, you'll be able to showcase this beauty to all.
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Starting at: $2529
GX77 Savage elevates itself above all other desktops as the dominant king of the hill. Its elegant design isn’t only about looks but about functionality. Its large tempered glass panel displays your components for not only one but possible two systems within its frame. Its RGB lit exterior and roomy interior capable of housing as many drive or radiators as you need for cooling, GX77 Savage can take on any challenge.
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Every custom PC build has its setbacks, but the case you choose shouldn’t be one of them. We proudly supply a vast selection of gaming computers that come with no shortage of features. Our Ultimate Series gaming desktops are some of the most advanced PCs on the market, and performance enthusiasts are certainly taking notice. Combined with our unbeatable upgrade options, any of these powerful gaming desktops will help you become virtually unstoppable. Our selection of Ultimate Series gaming computers includes the GX77 Savage, GX71 Cosmos, and GX73 Crystal XL. No matter which chassis you choose, you can count on unparalleled performance and thoughtful design. Shop from our selection today to learn more about each model we carry and custimize your gaming experiance.

We are always in pursuit of the ultimate gaming experience, and it doesn’t get much better than Ultimate Gaming Series PCs. The GX71 Cosmos features a sleek, futuristic design with smooth metal curves and RGB accent lighting that perfectly contrasts the darkly tinted glass. The GX73 Crystal XL features a full-tower chassis design with tempered glass front and side panels to showcase all the components you’ve carefully chosen. If there’s room in the budget, it’s time to go big. As the most powerful desktop on the market, the GX77 Savage will undoubtedly cause the competition to shake in their boots.

Start a one-of-a-kind build with one of the custom built Ultimate Series gaming computers and unbeatable upgrade opportunities. With your purchase today, you’ll have access to a wide variety of parts and products, but that’s not all. XOTIC PC also offers an array of exterior design options. Give your PC a unique exterior finish by adding a texture, graphic, or stealth wrap. We also offer cutting-edge laser etching and painting services, so you can give the rig some personal flair. If you have any questions about customizing one of the Ultimate Series gaming desktops, please don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information or further assistance. Let us know how we can help you turn your vision into a reality!