eSports Requirements & Qualifications

Just the idea of making money by playing AAA titles is enough to send any gaming enthusiast spinning into a daydream. Competitive gaming has grown tremendously in recent years. In fact, eSports were estimated to near billion-dollar revenues in 2018 alone. Whether you want to try eSports for the first time or you simply want to learn more, XOTIC PC can help. In this article, we explore what it takes to make it in competitive gaming as well as the eSports requirements and qualifications recommended by gaming professionals and industry giants alike.eSports Requirements and QualificationsBy you reading this article, we can already assume that you love gaming. However, that passion alone is not enough to make the cut in eSports. Whether you want to win in tournaments or just have fun while improving your skills, there are certain expectations and necessities to address before you make the commitment. Every gaming league and eSports competition will have its own unique set of qualifications, but the path to professional gaming depends entirely on you and what you hope to achieve. We rounded up the top requirements to provide a better understanding of what you can expect when you are ready to take gaming to a whole new level.1. Play as many games as you can. We all have our favorite first-person shooters, real-time strategies, and multiplayer, but it is essential that you establish yourself as a well-rounded gamer who can take on the competition in any kind of arena.2. Choose a gaming platform that works for the titles you like to play most often. Some games are only available for one gaming platform, and you will likely need to invest in accessories in order to use that platform to its fullest potential.3. Find your favorite genre. Some game genres come naturally, while others take hours of defeating difficulty levels until you can get anywhere. Play to your strengths. If you understand sports, consider games such as FIFA, Madden, NBA, or NHL. If you have great control, consider battle strategy and fighting games.4. Answer this question: are you here to entertain or compete? Even the gaming giants have personalities while they play. If professional gaming turns out to be the wrong path for you, you might find success in live streaming gameplay to an audience of complete strangers.5. Hone your gaming skills by researching popular techniques and tactics. Watch videos of popular games, paying close attention to top players and their strategies. There is also nothing quite like the comradery of the gaming community. Don’t be afraid to talk to other players and build your network from the beginning.With tons of practice and research under your belt, you may finally be ready to strut your stuff in the competitive arena. Of course, you will want to join a team, join a gaming league, compete in online competitions, attend LAN tournaments, and seek sponsorships from clothing, hardware, software, and computer companies. We wish you the best of luck in whatever gaming pursuits you are passionate about. 
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