Stealth Wrap Modification

Now exclusively at XOTIC PC, we’re offering you FLAT BLACK STEALTH MODIFICATION! An exterior finish modification that completely transforms your laptop into a stealth
dominating gaming machine…

For all you gaming enthusiasts, take your ultimate rig to the next level with XOTIC PC’s Flat Black Stealth Modification!…

Our highly trained technicians completely disassemble your machine, and transform your stock chassis color from the manufacturer into something truly intimidating!

We completely disassemble and safely remove areas such as the screen and keyboard before wrapping your laptop, allowing us to completely tuck in the Flat Black Stealth graphics. This helps insure more longevity out of your custom finished exterior.

Other companies only wrap the outside of the back of your laptop. Here at XOTIC PC, we go as far as covering the hinges and back of the keyboard with Flat Black Stealth graphics, giving you a complete finished stealth look. We custom cut and apply every Stealth look to each specific system, ensuring the perfect fit and perfect look.