600 PRO

Starting at: $919

Don't be fooled by 600 PRO's geometric, simplistic look. Underneath its shiny exterior is a custom-built extremely powerful PC waiting to be unleashed.

678C PRO

Starting at: $919

The 678C Pro is a mid-tower ATX case optimized for quiet operation, blending sophisticated style and a plethora of versatile cooling and storage options.

900 PRO

Starting at: $1159

The 900 Pro is simple and has plenty of space to fit any PC parts you want. The simple and clean design of the 900 Pro offers plenty of space for parts and airflow to keep those parts cool. The 900 pro is the perfect first step to your dream build.


Let’s face it – some gaming PC's are too loud. Most gaming enthusiasts want to hear the games they play, not their computers. If a silent gaming computer is what you need to create the ultimate setup, XOTIC PC is here to help. We set out to create a gaming PC that is exceptionally quiet, and we think we have the perfect solution to help you play without all the noise you hate. Our Silent Series PC's feature quiet gaming desktops that deliver an excellent computing experience while running in near silence. Plus, every PC in our selection of Silent Series gaming desktops gives you unlimited access to parts and products. Shop from our selection to learn more about the Carbide Pro and the 900 Pro today.

When it comes to building silent gaming desktops, the chassis is what ties everything together. The Carbide Pro is the perfect full-tower chassis to help you build a powerhouse PC that will leave the competition quaking in their boots. Best of all, these quiet gaming desktops are priced to sell and start at only $999. If you’re looking for a mid-size tower to complete your build, look no further than the 900 Pro with tempered glass panels to showcase all your carefully chosen components. With ample room for parts, you can also expect plenty of space for airflow to keep those parts cool.

Turn any of our monstrous yet silent gaming desktops into a one-of-a-kind work of art by utilizing our customization services. We proudly offer graphic, stealth, and textured wraps, so you can personalize your new PC from edge to edge with an unforgettable design. We also perform laser etching, painting, and hydro-dipping. You can even submit your own design by emailing the image to

Take a look at our laser etching and wrap libraries today to gain inspiration or find the perfect plan for your custom-built gaming computer. If you have any questions or concerns about our Silent Series gaming desktops, please feel free to contact us for further assistance. One of our friendly representatives will be happy to point you in the right direction.