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Embody The Dragon Spirit

The new logo represents the passion, focus and persistence of gaming enthusiasts.

7th Generation Intel® Core i7 Processors

The perfect combination of MSI gaming laptops with 7th Generation Intel® Core i7 Processors will give up to 10% better performance for a smoother VR experience. The 7th generation Intel® Core H series processor utilizes a power-efficient microarchitecture, advanced process technologies and silicon optimizations to deliver faster performance over previous generations. When compared to the i7-6700HQ, the CPU core performance of the i7-7700HQ averages 8% faster in daily use. Multimedia performance is 10% faster and 4K video decoding/transcoding is improved nearly 15%. The new media engine of the 7th generation Intel® Core H series also comes with power efficient VP9 and HEVC 10-bit hardware acceleration delivering significantly improved HDR visual quality.

Comparison of Intel i7 7820HK, 7700HQ, 6700HQ. 7820HK shows 25% improvement over 6700HQ and 10% improvement over 7700HQ.
VR Ready. NVIDIA GeForce GTX VR Ready. VIVE Optimized. 1-Click VR.

The Power of GeForce® GTX 10-Series Graphics

MSI is the world’s premier gaming laptop manufacturer powered by GeForce® GTX 10 series GPUs delivering the best in next gen graphics. With new technologies in Cooler Boost, you can game harder and never worry about being throttled; and the all new Dragon Center offers a 1-click VR solution to optimize your laptop for VR.

*Score may vary based on configuration

Cherry MX Speed Silver Switches with RGB Multi-color Backlighting

This is the first and only gaming laptop in the world to have a Cherry MX Speed Sliver RGB Switches onboard. Cherry’s new MX Speed switches have the best response and tactile feedback with a 1.2mm mechanical actuation, light 45g operation key switches and durable gold contacts. Designed and made by MSI, this masterpiece is now capable of lighting up the dark with multi-color RGB backlighting. The perfection of gaming is here.

*For GT83VR models only.
  • Speed

    Deliver incredible throughput while making sure that real time apps have the lowest possible latency

  • Intelligence

    Advanced Stream Detect 2.0 Technology identifies and prioritizes games, real-time communication applications

  • Maximum Control

    Get a great experience with automatic and optimized priority settings, or they can customize their own settings.

Gaming Performance with background tasking (chart). Shows Killer E2500 outperforming the competition two to one.
Killer Doubleshot Pro and Killer Shield Logos
Cooler Boost. MSI Exclusive.

Cooler Boost for Maximum Performance

Crush the heat with all new redesigned Whirlwind Blade fans. Dedicated thermal solutions for both the CPU and GPU ensures maximum performance under extreme gaming.

MSI Dragon Center

The new centralized Dragon Center UI gives you full control and hardware monitoring with 6 functions and 5 performance enhancements all with a few clicks.

Image of laptop, split shows lower quality without 120Hz/5ms screen and higher quality with. MSI Worlds First.

Feel the 120Hz Difference

Screen tearing and jitters are a thing of the past with the all new 120Hz IPS level panel with 5ms response time. The ultra fast refresh rate lets you react instantly to your game giving you a true MSI gaming experience.

Image of MSI laptops