Sample Laser Etch on XOTIC PC


Today, customers are looking for the newest and most unique customization options to individualize their personal computer, and XOTIC PC has the answer. Our newest Laser-Etch engraving customization gives you the option to add some personal flair to your laptop or desktop! This permanent application also ensures that your image, text or graphic will last the lifetime of your PC.

Below are some basic options that we currently offer …

  1. Laptop Personalization Text Etching
    Allows you to add personal information or “Property of…” to the bottom of your laptop, which decreases the likelihood of theft!
  2. Custom ‘A’ Surface Text or Graphic Etching
    We can etch virtually anything on the back on any laptop!
  3. Custom ‘C’ Surface Text or Graphic Etching
    We can etch virtually anything on the palm rest!
  4. Desktop Side Panel Etching
    On either glass or metal.

Laser-Etch Frequently Asked Questions …

How do I add Laser-Etch to my laptop or desktop purchase?

Simply select the option in the laptop or desktop configurator as you’re building your system

Then make notes in the checkout

You will then be contacted by an XOTIC PC representative to verify and confirm your personal Laser-Etch option.

Can I add Laser-Etch to my order even if I’ve already placed my order, or my order is already in production?
Of course! As long as your laptop or desktop hasn’t shipped we can customize it! Simply contact us directly and a sales adviser can add this option to your existing order:
Can Laser-Etch be done in color?
Unfortunately no. The Laser-Etch customization option actually removes material exposing the under, unfinished material giving it a black and white contrast effect which creates your text, image or graphic.
How much text can I add to the bottom of my laptop (“Property of” Laser-Etch)?
Because the bottom or underside of each laptop is different, the personalization text, or “Property of,” Laser-Etch, will vary between systems. We typically recommend only 3 lines of text, but we customize this option for each customer, the text that they want and the available space on the underside of the laptop that they are purchasing, so occasionally more than 3 lines can be accommodated.
Can I submit my own design to be Laser-Etched?
Absolutely! Images submitted must be 600DPI in “.jpeg” or “.psd” (Photoshop) formats. Submit your custom design to:

Please note that custom designs will need to be approved. Due to the varying nature of laptop and desktop surfaces, dimensions and sizes; images may be rejected or need to be altered. If you would like our design department to alter your image; a rate of $60/hour will apply to all images that need to be altered. You will be notified of this change request before any charges will be applied.