Graphic Wraps

Custom wrapping provides a unique branding or customization opportunity for your computer. We use the same highly durable material used on automobiles which is made with a high-gloss, scratch-resistant vinyl sheet and custom form it to fit your notebook or desktop. Each graphic is laminated to ensure its durability and longevity. We use the highest quality vinyl that has thousands of microscopic air channels to allow air to pass through without causing bubbles. Our wraps are backed with 3M backing that provides an aggressive adhesive to stay on the machine but can also be removed later if needed.

The XOTIC PC Difference

Customers ask “What makes XOTIC PC’s wrapping different from others or purchasing a wrap and installing it yourself?” XOTIC PC installs and custom forms the wrap to the entire surface and not just the inside edge. If you look at the diagram below, in Example 1, you will notice that the wrap does not go to the edge and is not custom formed to the laptop, this is common with most laptop companies. To the right is an example of an XOTIC PC custom wrapped notebook, and you will notice that the wrap is completely formed around the edges of the notebook.

Our highly trained staff completely disassembles your laptop for wrapping. This helps insure a complete and tucked wrap that will survive more wear and tear, giving you more enjoyment out of your newly custom wrapped notebook!

Submitting Your Own Artwork

XOTIC PC welcomes the use of custom artwork at no additional cost!

When providing artwork please ensure it is a minimum 1920×1200 pixels and in either .jpg (preferred) or .psd format. Most customers prefer the design to be formed around the edges without a border as it provides a seamless, cleaner look. If your design requires unique positioning on your machine and you prefer the design not to be formed around the edges please ensure you leave a 1–2” solid border around the design. (Remember this border will show on your laptop) If there is no border around the image we will custom form the design over and around the edges of your machine. (Clipping of an image may occur based on its size on how it is fitted to the machine). When using a custom wrap please ensure the image provided to us is to the size you want the image to be displayed on the laptop in inches. (all laptops we have width and height in inches on the description detailed specification pages). We print the image as it is provided to us and if the image is designed larger than the laptop itself in inches it will be formed to the laptops edges. All images are printed to the size of the machine so the entire surface can be covered. We cannot guarantee an exact hue can be matched (color code). Please review any special requests or positioning with our service department at the time of order.

Please download this pdf before submitting your custom artwork.

Please send any custom artwork to:

XOTIC PC provides the ability to wrap not only the back LCD ‘A’ Surface but also the inside ‘C’ Surface (See Diagram Right). Additional charges may apply. Please be aware when the inside (‘C’ Surface) is completed to account for the keyboard and touch pad. Please contact us with any special requests if your design needs to be altered for the keyboard and touchpad. XOTIC PC’s artwork department charges $60/hour to alter images. Laptop manufacturer logos, touch pad, power/HDD LED’s by default, will be covered over unless otherwise requested. To avoid this, a minimal additional charge will be charged. Please contact your Sales Associate for further information.