First-person shooters, multi-players, and pixelated paradises may rely on quality graphics, but there is an integral accessory that most enthusiasts forget to explore. Audio quality plays a vital role in the exhilaration of gaming and virtual reality, but the ultimate gaming experience depends on the quality of your sound system. This helpful buying guide will review the most important features to look for in gaming sound systems, so you can invest with confidence and take full advantage of your favorite games. Keep reading to learn more!

Sound System Features for Your Consideration

With the right sound system, you can create an entirely new gaming experience. This home audio buying guide will give you all the tools you need to make the best decision. Gaming sound systems are different than TV speakers in that they are designed to amplify machine gunfire, the faint ticking of mines, and so much more. While shopping for your audio upgrade, remember to look for these key features:

  • Built-in Bluetooth allows you to stream music or game soundtracks from your game console.
  • Digital optical input enables you to transmit digital audio signals between devices.
  • Analog input provides purity of sound and decodes audio from the media itself.
  • Subwoofers are built to make bass and can render low frequencies with a stunning sense of realism.
  • Remotes make it possible to plug in multiple sources at once and switch them on the fly.

Surround Sound for Gaming

Most games that have been released in recent years come equipped with Dolby© Digital soundtrack, which gives you the tactical advantage to hear opponent footsteps or the clangs of grenades. Aside from total immersion, you will also benefit from clearer dialogue and an impressive element of sonic surprise. Floorboards will rattle beneath your virtual feet, explosions will rock your room, and directional audio cues will paint a more detailed picture of your surroundings.

Sound Bar Trend on the Rise

In lieu of gaming sound systems, many consumers are choosing TV sound bars as their primary sources for audio. Some sound bars come with pairs of wireless surround speakers and separate subwoofers to create surround sound that takes up less space. Better yet, sound bars are more affordable than most PC sound systems. Best of all, sound bars provide the perfect compromise between headphones and full-blown surround sound systems, making them the smart choice for anyone who lives in a small apartment, dorm, or studio. Some gamers choose to combine sound bars with wireless subwoofers instead. The decision is ultimately yours!

Gaming sound systems allow you to game without any fear of audio interference. Before you rush off to buy the best sound system available, ensure that the digital audio output of your gaming console is properly configured. You will also want to verify whether your gaming console supports lossless bit-streaming or uncompressed linear pulse-code modulation (LPCM). Should you have any questions about this article, please contact XOTIC PC today to speak with a customer support representative.