The latest generation enthusiast grade hardware that will exceed all the requirements of modern games and even more without compromises!



Starting at: $1249
The GX11 Widow’s case is set up as a dual chamber design that provides airflow to the components that need it most. Dual chamber also means clean cable routing options with cutouts and tie downs to keep the internal components neat and efficient.


Starting at: $1359
Take your rig to the next level with the GX13. The GX13’s 5mm thick tempered glass panel presents a polished look while displaying a phenomenal view of your carefully chosen components. The unrivaled cooling potential paired with its glossy glass finish, truly make the GX13 a one-of-a-kind build.

GX14 Conquer

Starting at: $1439
Go bold with the GX14 Conquer’s unique chassis design. With its side tempered glass panel, you'll be able to see your fully customizable setup crystal clear.


Starting at: $1299
Get acquainted with the GX15 Crystal 570X. This Mid-tower chassis features a tempered glass panel and translucent front panel to showcase all of the components and fans while still providing unrivaled cooling support.


Starting at: $1289
The GX16 Panzer has a great translucent front panel that is perfect for RGB fans. Paired with the tempered glass side the GX16 Panzer is a great chassis for your own personal light show.


Starting at: $1389
Destroy the competition with the GX17. The GX17 offers full RGB control while the clean lines and tempered glass panels present a polished view of your carefully chosen components. The simple styling and size offer excellent cooling potential, paired with RGB control and tempered glass make the GX17 a great place to build your dream pc.

Amid intense action or demanding graphics, you need an extreme gaming computer that can leave the competition in the dust. At XOTIC PC, we don’t believe in compromise. We utilize our knowledge of the top computer components and software in order to create gaming computers that can handle even the most extreme gaming experiences. Our Extreme Series desktop gaming computers come equipped with latest generation hardware that exceeds all the requirements of modern online games. Plus, you’ll have unlimited access to parts and products, so you can upgrade and customize to your heart’s content and ultimately design the high-end gaming desktop of your dreams. Explore our selection to learn more about the GX11 Widow, GX12 Destroyer, and GX13 Intruder today.

Every desktop computer in our assortment of Extreme Series gaming computers is backed by a free five-year warranty with 30-day shipping. Ready to get acquainted? The GX13 Intruder features a stunning, full-tower chassis with thick tempered glass panels to showcase all your carefully chosen components and provide unrivaled cooling support. The GX11 Widow features a distinct dual-chamber design that is sure to demand double takes each time you fire it up to play. Best of all, you’ll have clean cable routing options with cutouts and tie downs to help you keep everything organized and efficient. If you’re looking to take functionality to new heights, look no further than the GX12 Destroyer. Aside from its dominating presence, this sleek computer tower also strikes the perfect balance between power and beauty.

Have a preferred platform of choice to build on? We offer a broad variety of chipset upgrades from AMD and Intel. In fact, we have upgradable options for everyone depending on preference and demand. Configure multiple hard drives in RAID or get the most from your RAM with an array of speeds and sizes. We also provide additional customization services, such as wrapping, etching, painting, and hydro dipping. Check back often as we continue to add options and services that will help you personalize one of our Extreme Series gaming computers. Please feel free to contact us today if you have any questions about Extreme Series gaming desktops, shipping, or warranties.