Small form factor mini gaming computers in a compact design with the ability to sit on a desk or table. Unbeievable performance, hidden in a small case. Slim and powerfull, yet room for upgradeability!



Starting at: $1159
The GS1 Fury sets itself apart from other machines with its open air chassis and multiple display options, including wall mount capabilities. Top mounted fans keep air steadily flowing from the intakes, both front and back, keeping your components cool, and your experience rocking onward.


Starting at: $949
The GS3 RAVEN is a unique chassis that can be stood straight up or laid down on its side, depending on how you want it. The GS3 Raven is the perfect compact PC to get you started. The unique design allows for great upgradability while still keeping a classic, stylish look.


Starting at: $959
The GS4 Triton combines 3mm anodized aluminum with dual tempered glass side panels. Watercooling enthusiasts can now present their build with a premium touch with a clean interior hiding PSU cables and HDDs. The GS4 Triton includes RGB compatibility with ASUS® Aura Sync™ and MSI® Mystic Light Sync motherboards.


Starting at: $999
The GS5 Shadow’s case is carefully configured to allow for power in a more compact size. Its two-way placement layout means you can present the chassis both vertically and horizontally based on your needs. Clever GPU mounting helps for efficient cooling and showcases your cards’ design.

GS6 H200

Starting at: $919
Go bold with the GS6 H200. The GS6 H200's case is carefully configured to allow for power in a more compact size. Underneath its shiny exterior is a custom built extremely powerful PC waiting to be unleashed.


Starting at: $1559
This isn't your average All-in-one PC, The edge-to-edge curved 32-inch panel, sweeping curves and innovative stand introduce style into computing environments. The GS32 ALL IN ONE is built from the ground up to handle multiple upgrade cycles to make sure you stay on top. Built-in HD Camera and dual microphones give you all the connectivity you need in a stylistic, sleek package.


Starting at: $899
The QBX PRO is a unique geometric chassis, with sharp corners and a smaller stature. This "simple" looking PC has all the power you need to dominate the competition.
Are you in the market for a mini gaming desktop computer? If so, you’ve come to the right place. XOTIC PC is the ultimate destination for gaming enthusiasts that demand powerful performance with a small form factor. Despite what some gamers might think, there’s no need for compromise just because you want a gaming computer with a small footprint. Every chassis in this selection features a slim design yet there’s ample room for upgradeable components as well as water cooling potential. Best of all, our compact gaming desktops are priced to sell and start at only $999. Explore our selection of Compact Series gaming computers to learn more about the GS1 Fury, GS4 Triton, and GS5 Shadow today. Compact gaming computers allow gamers like you to save on space without compromising on hardware. The Compact Series gaming desktops collection features 6 distinct machines for you to choose from. The GS4 Triton combines anodized aluminum with dual-tempered glass side panels to present a clean interior with a premium touch. The GS5 Shadow’s case is carefully configured to allow for more power in a compact size. The GS1 Fury sets itself apart from competing desktops with its open-air chassis and multiple display options. Best of all, you’ll have access to a wide variety of parts, products, and other upgrade options. Choose between AMD and Intel platforms, configure multiple hard drives in RAID, or get the most of your RAM with an array of sizes and speeds. Despite the small form factor, any PC in our selection of mini gaming desktop computers can make the ultimate statement about your personal style. We offer a wide array of customization options to help you create a custom build that stands out from the crowd. Laser etching ensures that the image, text, or graphic you choose will last the lifetime of your high-performance rig. Give your machine a unique exterior finish by painting the chassis your favorite color or wrapping it with your favorite character. No matter how you’d like to personalize one of our Compact Series gaming desktops, we have you covered. If we don’t have a customization feature that you need, just let us know. We are always on the search for new materials and ideas.