Would you like the ability to remotely play your favorite PC games on an android device, phone, tablet or another PC? Even when you’ve spent days or possibly months trying to build the perfect PC gaming setup, gaming from the couch or your bed can be just as glorious. Remote access is a wonderful thing for gaming enthusiasts that like to squeeze as much time in the game as they possibly can. We took the liberty of rounding up the best remote software for gaming, so you can compare programs and decide which one is right for you.


Before you rush off to scoop up the best software, you must confirm whether your network is up to the task of streaming the action from your gaming rig to the devices you want to use remotely. With a high-speed, low-latency connection, you can expect smooth, remote gameplay with no shortage of action. Wired Gigabit Ethernet is ideal, but you can also use a network adapter kit if you can’t stand the thought of ripping up carpets or drilling holes. Once your network is in place and performing at your expectations, you are ready to choose the best remote software for playing PC games.

Mirillis: Leave lag in the past with help from a remote PC access app. Monflo remote access software made by Mirillis is one of the most advanced gameplay recorders available, but it also enables a remote-control user experience unlike any other. You can remotely play your favorite PC games on Android devices and other PCs in stunning HD quality up to 1080p and 60 FPS.

NVIDIA: While other programs are limited to their own libraries of games, GameStream technology allows anyone who owns a NVIDIA graphics card to stream PC games to NVIDIA Shield consoles and tablets. With help from a third-party app, you can also extend those streaming capabilities to a wide range of devices. You will need to install the GeForce Experience app on your gaming rig. Once installed, you need to enable the GameStream feature within the settings. Moonlight, NVIDIA’s open-source GameStream client software, allows you to take the gaming experience one step further. Moonlight supports a wide variety of computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. With GameStream already set up, you can install Moonlight on your remote device. The client app should search for a local network. If it doesn’t find one, you can manually add your PC by using its IP address. Select your PC and enter the displayed code to pair the devices, so you can access your game library.

Parsec: Streaming PC games around your home and beyond is relatively simple, but cloud-hosted services aim to make it even simpler for gaming enthusiasts. Parsec’s software connects two devices, so you can play or stream PC games from your sofa, workstation, or anywhere on any device. This responsive service is a good option if you play only five to eight hours of games per week.

Steam: Invite friends to play with you or play games on another device when you’re away from home. Steam’s In-Home Streaming software enables you to automatically connect two computers on the same network, so you can remotely install, launch, and play games as though you were sitting at your picture-perfect PC gaming setup. Video and audio are sent directly through your home network to your high-end gaming rig to the remote device you wish to use. Within milliseconds, your keyboard, mouse, and controller input are sent back to the remote computer. According to reviews, Steam’s hardware boasts the lowest latency of any software out there. You can also stream your library to remote Windows, Mac, Linux, and Steam OS devices. Configuration is simple, as long as your PC is powered on throughout the session. If you own a lower-end laptop, Steam’s Link app is a great alternative. The compact device features all the technology required to run Steam’s In-Home Streaming on any HDMI-enabled TV.

So, which remote software gaming software seems right for you, your budget, and your PC gaming setup?