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Ray-Traced Gaming On The GeForce RTX 2060

To date, five AAA titles feature stunning ray-traced effects, with many others launching in the coming year. For each game, we work with our partners to ensure that GeForce RTX 2060 owners receive a great gaming experience with all the benefits of ray-tracing. And in the system built for this article, the GeForce RTX 2060 delivered the following high-quality experiences:
As we’ll now demonstrate, these settings offer a superior graphical experience, with higher image quality and immersion than non-RT settings and presets. And at over 60 FPS, the experience is also fast and smooth.


Remedy Entertainment’s Control is not only a great game, but also a real-time ray tracing showcase, featuring multiple ray-traced effects that take image quality and realism to new heights. Using High settings, High RT, and the latest iteration of DLSS, our GeForce RTX 2060 system achieved 76 FPS, with vastly improved image fidelity and immersion:

With RT enabled on our rig, scenes throughout Control are enhanced with physically-accurate reflections, global illumination, and pixel-perfect shadows, for the definitive experience.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the newest ray tracing title, and it features ray-traced shadows in its cinematic single-player campaign, and core multiplayer modes. These enhance the game’s traditional shadow maps, adding accurate shadows that account for the strength of light, the influence of multiple light sources, the detail of shadow casters, and the size of the shadow, for the addition of contact hardening and softening. The result is natural, realistic and immersive shadowing that adds an additional level of refinement and fidelity to Modern Warfare’s gritty, realistic visuals:

Modern Warfare has been well optimized and runs like a dream on many systems, enabling the game to run at fast frame rates with maximum settings, with ray tracing enabled, for the definitive PC gaming experience.

Metro Exodus

4A Games’ Metro Exodus utilizes ray-traced Global Illumination to render world lighting, which affects the appearance of shadows, ambient occlusion and other effects.
And in the Two Colonels DLC, set underground, global illumination is applied to emissive light sources, enabling colored fairy lights to realistically illuminate surroundings, and flamethrowers to fill spaces with fiery lighting effects, to give but two examples.
Ray traced global illumination delivers more realistic lighting, and by doing so it adds a new tool to the creative tool bag. With ray traced global illumination, developers can use light to set the mood in the same way movie makers and photographers have for years. But the biggest contribution ray traced global illumination makes to Metro Exodus is a feeling — a level of anxiety that creates deeper immersion into the game. The realistic lighting that ray traced global illumination delivers uses the subtle visual lighting cues ingrained in our psyche to deliver feelings and emotional reactions not felt in video games before. It is a level of spooky usually reserved for movies. Ray tracing transforms Metro Exodus from an awesome experience into a cinematic-quality experience.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Appropriately, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is enhanced with ray-traced shadows, improving shadow quality in jungles and tombs. Detail, realism and immersion are all increased, bringing an extra level of fidelity to Lara Croft’s latest adventure.
As in Modern Warfare, ray-traced shadows take Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s graphics to new heights, and once you experience RTX ON, it’s hard to go back to RTX OFF.

Battlefield V

DICE and EA’s Battlefield V was the first ray-traced game, wowing gamers with its super accurate real-time reflections that were miles ahead of the screen space reflections used in games for years prior.
When Battlefield V first launched, one ray was cast per pixel. But we’ve since learned how to do things more efficiently and effectively. Now, a process called Variable Rate Ray Tracing is utilized, wherein the tech intelligently decides where and when to apply ray tracing, and to what extent. The result has been a massive performance improvement of 50%+, and by enabling DLSS, additional performance gains of up to 40% can be seen, increasing frame rates by nearly 2X compared to launch.
Now, all GeForce RTX gamers can enjoy high-frame rate, high-detail, ray-traced single-player and multiplayer Battlefield V gameplay at over 60 FPS.

Performance Keeps Increasing With Game Ready Drivers

New, groundbreaking technology always gets better over time. In the case of ray tracing, our knowledge and experience from each game helps our engineers and partners to make better, faster, and more beautiful ray tracing effects in future titles, and to take new thinking and ideas back to previous titles, as with Battlefield V. In addition, our driver teams continue to optimize the Turing architecture, its ray tracing RT Cores and its deep learning Tensor Cores, and to develop game-specific driver optimizations. This work has seen performance improved in our ray-traced titles by up to 10%:
Together with the aforementioned game and tech optimizations, performance has increased significantly, greatly improving the ray tracing experience. And it’ll continue to improve, so be sure to download the latest Game Ready Drivers, Windows 10 updates, and game updates to get the very best ray tracing performance in each and every ray-traced title.

Top Games Are Adopting Ray Tracing

Ray tracing adoption is accelerating quickly, with over a dozen publicly-announced games adding ray tracing, including the much anticipated Cyberpunk 2077, and the world’s most popular game, Minecraft. So, for all the latest ray-traced info, screenshots and trailers for Atomic Heart, Cyberpunk 2077, Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna, Dying Light 2, Justice, JX3, MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, Minecraft, Sword and Fairy 7, SYNCED: Off-Planet, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2, Watch Dogs: Legion, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, and yet to be announced ray-traced titles, stay tuned to GeForce.com. And if you want an even-faster ray-traced experience, at higher detail levels, resolutions and frame rates, take a look at our complete range of GeForce RTX graphics cards.

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