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XOTIC PC Wired Gaming Controller

XOTIC PC Wired Gaming Controller

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Luis Arreaga (Brainerd, US)
Number One Favorite PC store.

I tend to be rough with the controller, so I have been having to replace them periodically, and I will not get them anywhere else, thanks XOTIC for choosing me as the winner.

My favorite controller

after using Xbox controllers, PS4 and PS5 controllers on my PC, this has been by far my favorite for gaming. Ive used this controller for Forza, Lego Batman, and fight crab and honestly it's very comfy, the buttons are nice and clicky, but it has a deep click, like a Xbox controller, the triggers are a little lighter than PS4 and slightly heavier than Xbox 1, but I like them. the center button isn't great but it works. the lighting is a wee bit obnoxious but I can get over that. the sticks are pretty good, nice and light, but accurate. this controller melts into your hands. highly recommended. wish the cable was longer.

A okay enough controller

As the title says, it's an okay controller. It's easy enough to plug in to your computer and use. The main issue (and maybe i just got a bad controller) is that the joy cons are stiff. This leads to games not recognizing finer input. So FPS's aren't impossible, but it's certainly a struggle with this controller.

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