Our advanced series provides high performance at an incredible value. Perfectly balanced powerful configurations for gaming, VR or work!
Starting at: $1249
The G9 Wraith’s chassis conforms to the components in your computer to not only show them off but to allow maximum airflow for increased performance. Capable of 3-way placement, the Wraith can stand vertically and horizontally or even be wall mounted.
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Starting at: $1019
The G11 Omega has an aggressive stance. With its sharp geometric angles and full RGB control accents, the G11 is the perfect way to show off your custom built XOTIC PC.
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Starting at: $1149
The G12 Vision's unique look comes from its visible temperedglass side, allowing you to display the beauty of this rig. The three fans on the front will do more than keep your system at a perfect temperature, they'll help you stay cool under pressure.
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Are you looking for a high-performance gaming PC at an incredible value? Look no further than our Advanced Series gaming desktops. This exclusive line features a broad variety of PC cases that balance beauty with purpose all in one streamlined design. Best of all, these deluxe chassis start at just $1,049. With unbeatable upgradeability and a wealth of options to choose from, we are confident that you can find the ultimate desktop for your gaming setup. Advanced Series gaming computers come with perfectly balanced configurations for gaming, virtual reality, work, and everything in between. Shop from our selection to learn more about the G8 Raptor, the G9 Wraith, and G10 P7 today.

Despite what some enthusiasts may say, there’s no compromise in terms of choosing a mid-size tower. The G10 P7 is a stunning mid-size chassis that features RGB accents with full control, clean lines, and a tempered glass side panel to showcase all the components inside. Plus, simple styling and size creates excellent cooling potential. With the G8 Raptor, modular design storms past the concept of a standard build, offering unparalleled flexibility in form and function. The G9 Wraith’s open-air design allows for maximum airflow and improved performance overall. Have a preferred platform of choice to build on? No matter which of our Advanced Series gaming computers you choose, you’ll have access to a wealth of parts and products.

Gaming computers come in all shapes and sizes these days, so it’s important to find the perfect rig for you and you alone. At XOTIC PC, we utilize our experience in computer components and software to help customers like you find the highest performance possible at a price you can afford. Our selection of Advanced Series gaming desktops will hopefully be the last stop you have to make. If you find the desktop of your dreams today, let us know how we can take your new gaming PC to the next level with a custom wrap, etching, painting, or even hydro dipping.