What Are Cybershoes & Are They the Next Big Thing in Gaming?

Despite all the advances made in virtual reality from 2016 to present day, reaching the next level of immersion proves to be a bigger challenge than most enthusiasts probably realize. However, those challenges fail to stop visionaries from coming up with new gadgets that may enhance the VR experience overall. Both the E3 2018 hardware demo and Kickstarter introduced the world to what could possibly be the next big thing in gaming: Cybershoes. Although the concept is pretty simple, there is so much to learn about these innovative shoe coverings and we have very little idea of what to expect in the months or years to come. We have all the information about Cybershoes and the potential impact they could have on the future of VR games.What Are Cybershoes?In the last several years, VR enthusiasts have been searching for ways to properly experience virtual reality at its best and most palpably captivating state. Of all the ideas out there, walking in a virtual world seems to be the most common wish for gaming enthusiasts. Thanks to Cybershoes, that may finally be possible. This titular device was developed by an Austrian-based startup and designed to strap directly onto your feet. By sitting on a rotating chair or stool, you can have complete 360-degree freedom to explore your favorite VR titles to your heart’s content. These intriguing VR peripherals are compatible with a wide range of devices and any VR game, such as Arizona Sunshine, Doom VFR, Fallout, Minecraft, and Skyrim, just to name a few.Are Cybershoes the Next Big Thing?We believe that Cybershoes could very well be the next big thing in VR gaming because they are surprisingly affordable for everyone that already has their own VR setups. Plus, calibration and connection are apparently very simple, so you won’t have to worry about missing any of the virtual action and adventure. Through natural movement, users are given a much more immersive experience than anything they’ve likely seen and felt before. Your vision is entirely independent from the walking direction of the wearable devices, so you can fully observe your surroundings.Some critics are even heralding these foot coverings as the next big thing in gameplay fitness, because they provide a low-impact experience that allows you to exercise while you play the VR titles you love. Best of all, Cybershoes have already been thoroughly tested. According to the product’s Kickstarter page, more than 3,200 people have tested Cybershoes between E3 in Los Angeles, Gamescom in Cologne, and the Tokyo Game Show.Would you like to walk and run into the beautiful abyss of virtual reality? No one can dispute that there might be much to learn from the intuitive movements of Cybershoes throughout the virtual spaces we have yet to untap. Just three hours of charge time gives you 8 – 10 hours of playtime, and every pair comes with a dedicated wireless receiver. You can make a pledge to the Cybershoes project today and secure your spot on the early bird list at one of multiple reward levels. 
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