Software Optimization for Gaming

Software Optimization for Gaming

PC gaming has become more complex and resource-intensive in recent years. Whether you built your own rig or you decided to invest in a state-of-the-art system, there are ways to ensure that your PC meets or exceeds the minimum system requirements published for the games you play most often. In this helpful guide, we dive deep into software optimization for gaming, but that’s not all. We also provide maintenance recommendations and take a closer look at some of the best software available to PC gaming enthusiasts. With our help, you can modify your computer to meet or exceed your performance needs.

Common Maintenance Problems

If your rig can’t seem to keep up with the games you love to play, there’s no need to trade it in or start shopping for a new and improved system. Over time, most computers become slow due to capacity, disk fragmentation, hard drive corruption, or a multitude of reasons. Regular maintenance is essential to achieving peak working conditions. Tasks such as defragmentation are necessary, but you might also want to explore the bloatware and startup programs that can create conflicts every time your PC starts up. Avid PC gaming enthusiasts usually find fun in modifying their rigs to meet their specific needs or performance expectations.

One of the most affordable ways to upgrade your PC’s performance is to ensure that you maxed your motherboard’s RAM capacity. Random access memory controls the overall speed at which your PC commits tasks, and it can also cause excessive bootup times. Boost in-game performance by upgrading from two to four or eight gigabytes. Double check all motherboard specifications before splurging on a high-gigabyte RAM stick. AAA-rated games are equipped for eight gigabytes of RAM, but heavy PC users can safely upgrade to 16 gigabytes. Another way you can boost PC performance is by overclocking. If you have some room in the budget, consider upgrading the graphics card, storage, or CPU of your gaming computer.

Software Optimization for Gaming

In addition to component upgrades, you can utilize third-party applications to boost your PC’s performance. CCleaner allows you to clean up any abandoned Windows registry keys and entries left over from uninstalled applications, but it also cleans up a variety of temporary files, memory dumps, and much more. Razer Game Booster makes changes to the startup configuration of your PC by managing resources and allowing you to configure settings based on games you play most often. MSI Afterburner is a free graphics card overclocking utility that allows you to fully customize fan profiles, benchmarks, and video recording. You can also resolve PC performance problems by performing scans with an anti-malware application such as Spybot or Malwarebytes.

There are many ways you can use software optimization for gaming, and there are a variety of programs available to you. Once you clean up any unnecessary files, maintain your PC, or give your components the update they deserve, we guarantee that you’ll enjoy the ultimate gaming experience with smooth performance. If you have any questions about this article or would like to learn more about the product selection available at XOTIC PC, please contact us today for additional information or further assistance.

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