LED Lighting for Computers

When we build computers for gaming or work, the only thing on our minds is performance. Occasionally, we might get sidetracked with water cooling or compact components. However, you can instantly elevate the look of your PC with a little RGB lighting to lead the way. Accessorizing a rig may seem daunting to the untrained eye, but XOTIC PC offers the experience and know-how to help you get started. In this guide, we will review LED lighting for computers to give you a head start on the last stages of your build. Keep reading to learn more.

Beginner’s Guide to LED Lighting for Computers
Before rushing off to investigate cases, LED strips, motherboards, or other core components, it’s important that you determine how much razzle-dazzle you’re looking for. Customizing your PC with RGB lighting is a fun and easy way to differentiate your rig from the masses. Join us as we explore some of the greatest RGB LED entry points.

Customizing a case: Any advanced lighting customization deserves a great frame to show it off, so it is important to start thinking about the case color of your custom build. Black and white cases go well with anything, but a white case produces a brighter effect. You should also consider the side panel window of your case. Glass panels are classier, but they will require more care than their plastic counterparts. Tinted side panels will cut down on glare, so you can enjoy a smoother interior. Some power supply units come with shrouds to keep cables out of sight. It’s never a bad idea to look for extra space along the top rail, so you can stash excess cable length.

Choosing LED strips: The bulk of your shopping and comparing will be spent on LED lighting for computers. LED strips come with a wide variety of features that can impact your decision. Some LED strips can be changed with just the press of a button, and others come with extension kits that allow you to customize the lighting effects of your PC. Most lighting strips come with magnets for easy mounting.

Colorful core components: Motherboards, RAM, and central processing unit coolers or fans have all fallen into the LED lighting trend. Most major motherboard manufacturers have tricked out their boards with lighting or line tracing. You can create a single color scheme by investing in an expensive system with an LED power header for plugging in your LED strips. Today’s RAM is flashier than ever before, and some units feature flickering fluorescent tubes for a subtle glow. Many of the latest CPU coolers and fans feature RGB LED lighting built right into their pumps. Sticking to a strict PC building budget? You can add a little light to your case for an affordable price by adding LED fans.

Instill a sense of fear and envy at your next LAN party by learning all about LED lighting for computers and upgrading your own rig. Without proper planning, even your graphics card can become an obstacle. Some graphics cards have bright green LED lights that do not pair well with blue or red color schemes. We suggest that you keep your graphics in mind while choosing a color scheme for your new and improved rig. If you have any questions about this guide or would like to learn more about our custom services, please contact us today to learn more.

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