How to Clean the Inside of Your Gaming Computer

As a responsible PC gaming enthusiast, you simply cannot wait for spring to do a little routine cleaning on your PC. Regardless of whether you casually play or professionally game, all gaming computers are susceptible to dirt, dust, and other contaminants that can severely impact performance. Dust buildup can cause PC components to retain heat, making it difficult for internal fans to keep the system cool. As a result, the system can become less efficient and unusually slow. However, there are steps you can take to keep your gaming computer in great condition. In this article, we explain how to clean the inside of your gaming computer, so you can keep on fighting the good fight in digital worlds.Assemble the Right ToolsGaming desktops are very complex pieces of technology. Be smart by assembling the necessary tools and supplies before you begin the deep-clean process. Most of the products you need might already be sitting around the house, including compressed air cans, rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, distilled water, microfiber cloths, ear swabs, and tape.How to Clean a Gaming PCFollow these 10 steps to get back on good terms with your gaming rig.1. Disconnect the power cable, USB peripherals, as well as any audio equipment attached to your computer and safely discharge the remaining power.2. Take the computer case outside, so the dust doesn’t settle in the same room that your gaming setup is located.3. Wipe the exterior and interior of the computer case.4. Detach the dust filters and wipe away any accumulated dust. We recommend using compressed air for full coverage. If you have foam filters, gently rinse with water and leave them to dry.5. Wipe down the inside of the case by hand after disconnecting the graphics cards and RAM modules.6. If possible, remove the heatsink entirely to scrub away any gunk or debris.7. Clean off any dust hidden between the cracks of the graphics cards, so you can easily clean the motherboard.8. Remove any big clumps of dust by using a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol.9. Use the compressed air can to clean nooks, crannies, and the motherboard. For stubborn dust spots, just dampen an ear swab with rubbing alcohol or use a gentle toothbrush to clean.10. Once the case interior is completely clean and free of dust, you can put each component back where it belongs.Routine cleaning and maintenance are important to the health of your gaming PC. We recommend using compressed air every three to six months to prevent dust buildup from impacting your PC components. You should also make an effort to clean your mouse, headphones, keyboard, and monitor to keep your gaming setup looking like new. 
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