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Here at XOTIC PC, our customers needs come first. Our goal is to serve our customers by pampering them with the quality of service they deserve. We take pride in our superior customer service and our award-winning technical support. Don't take our word for it see what some of the following third party websites say about us and some of our customer testimonials below.
We view every customer as a customer for life. “Total Customer Satisfaction” is our standard. Our knowledgeable account managers will guide you through your whole experience with XOTIC PC, and continue to be your point of contact after the sale. In addition, our highly trained technicians are ready and eager to help you with any problems that arise. Furthermore, our 24 Hour Service assures you quick and expert service when you need it. Your complete and total satisfaction is our greatest ambition!
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BenjaminHorne 8/14/2018
I purchased a MSI gaming laptop and the people over at XoticPC were great! I ordered my pc one night and they were finished building and to my surprise, shipped the very next day. I was unaware that they actually went through and removed the factory bloatware from the machine. Really impressed with the way they handle things over there. I will be recommending them to my friends and family looking for a PC. Top notch!
thejediwill1 8/5/2018
The 8954 is a slim and powerful laptop. I ordered mine with 500Gb SSD, 2TB SSHD, and 32Gb of Ram. An easy desktop replacement with enough hardware for gaming, office applications, and lighter than many other models on XoticPC. I have used XoticPC in the past, and this time I was upgrading and looking to replace my old SAGER NP8268-S (CLEVO P150SM-A) laptop. My previous experiences with XoticPC were great. Owning the 8268 which is still working I knew I was getting a great product and support from XoticPC again.
During the time I have used and owned it the 8954 is a excellent laptop. While gaming or using the laptop to watch movies the laptop does heat up, but as many experienced pc gamers know, it is recommended to get a notebook cooler if this is a concern for you. Performance is great. I was able to run Sniper Elite 4, Train Simulator, and StarCraft 2 all in Ultra graphics settings. My son played Garry's Mod and Shadow of Mordor on this laptop with no issues. MS Office applications and networking performance is also great on laptop. I did not opt for getting additional services to overclock it. In my opinion it's not needed as any game available will be excellent on this machine at this time.
Overall - the price and quality are great. The graphics and performance are excellent, and you will be happy with this laptop.
BrianClark 8/4/2018
I was expecting a lot, and it's even better than I had hoped for.
lot of the reviews mentioned fan noise and keyboard and possible wek points but I actually love the keyboard and the fan noise isn't bad at all.
Take my advice - get a good NVME drive - you won't regret it.
alexhertoghe 8/3/2018
Just received my aero 15x yesterday everything looks great. All the modifications, including having windows on my new hardrive, have been made.
Screen looks good, no backlight bleed.
Keyboard seems fine too no chattering for now. Great store and customer service
Jaysky32 8/1/2018
I purchased an Aero 15x the full 4K Edition from Xotic PC and received fast shipping and very knowledgeable staff. Landon over at Xotic PC was able to find out every issue with the current drivers installed and provided tech support via email to me and assisted solving all issues for me. I now am very familiar with Gigabytes software and how to properly update all drivers/bios/firmware etc.
The laptop Aero 15X is a beast I mean anything I throw at it never stalls or stutters performs like a champ. I really confide in Gigabyte/Aorus products. They have not let me down yet. I am very pleased with their products as a whole. I will continue to be a well satisfied customer for years to come. This is my second Gigabyte laptop. Previous model was the Aorus X7 DT V7 and that was a great laptop as well. The Aero 15x 4K edition is by far the best laptop I have ever owned. I mostly use it for productivity video editing but some gaming on the side it does everything I need it to. No complaints after appropriate drivers/bios were installed. It's all smooth sailing from here thanks Gigabyte :)

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